Missing Values Sampler (MISS)

A sampler to simulate missing output values from their likelihood distributions.

Model-Based Constructor


Construct a Sampler object to sampling missing output values. The constructor should only be used to sample stochastic nodes upon which no other stochastic node depends. So-called ‘output nodes’ can be identified with the keys() function. Moreover, when the MISS constructor is included in a vector of Sampler objects to define a sampling scheme, it should be positioned at the beginning of the vector. This ensures that missing output values are updated before any other samplers are executed.


  • params : stochastic node(s) that contain missing values (NaN) to be updated with the sampler.


Returns a Sampler{Dict{Symbol, MISSTune}} type object.


See the Bones and other Examples.

MISSTune Type


type MISSTune


  • dims::Tuple : dimensions of a stochastic node to be updated.
  • valueinds::Vector{Int} : indices to missing values in the node.
  • distrinds::Vector{Int} : indices to node distributions from which to sample the missing values.